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Challenge 01: Door 53

Took a week of going blblblb to write this. And about an hour.

Something like 850 words.

Door 53

Click click click, went Mr Nyang's feet on the epoxy floor. It was there to lessen the risk of spreading bacteria, which was always a worry in an institution like this. Mr Nyang was stopped at a checkpoint before the inner containment area, and the medical officer asked after the obligatory precautions.

"I am inoculated. Thank you", Mr Nyang said and the scanner beeped over his personal tag, attaching a guest mark.

"Thank you", replied the officer and the containment lock opened to admit Mr Nyang.

Click click click, he continued on the epoxy. There were no windows in containment, and the technicians wore silvery suits that looked like fish scales. Mr Nyang followed the green line marked on the wall, though he had been there many times before. The green was for the mammal section. This morning he had received a communication from his good friend Dr Mnem, the head of the Study and Preservation of Ancient Mammals department, or SPAM as it was known.

The door to Dr Mnem's office was marked with a four-dimensional hologram depicting his name both in pictograph and logogram, and the symbol of his department. Mr Nyang uncoiled an arm from under his suit and rippled the hologram; the door vanished and he stepped in.

"Ah, Mr Nyang, thank you", Dr Mnem rose from behind his workstation.

"Thank you", Mr Nyang replied. "I came as soon as I got your communication."

"Yes, shall we?" Dr Mnem gesticulated toward the door. "The specimen is in prime condition and we have not administered any psychostimulants or benzodiazepines, as you requested."

"And the specimen's physical nature?" Mr Nyang asked as they returned to the corridor and followed a darker green line.

"Blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory system, all within normal limits. We have noted no somnolence, no muscle spasm or mood variation", Dr Mnem nodded his long head to a passing technician. "But of course the specimen is disoriented and nervous from the travel and time variation. This way, thank you."

The doctor allowed a scanner to read his tag and they entered the purge room before being allowed into the secure but biohazardous SPAM laboratories.

"Thank you", said the purification program as it was done and they donned their re-breather masks.

The smell of the laboratories was something Mr Nyang had never gotten used to though he had visited them quite often. It was animalistic and somehow so wet. There were noises from all around as technicians worked on their projects, some still alive, most unfortunately dead. It saddened Mr Nyang that things had come to this state; they had tried so much with the new government to work out a situation for these poor, almost extinct species to still flourish. Mostly it had failed, but rich, eccentric enthusiasts such as Mr Nyang himself kept the flame burning.

"Door 53, thank you", Dr Mnem was telling a technician at the cell area. A few switches were turned and a pod arrived with the logogram 53 on it. They viewed it from behind a secure but translucent plasticized window.
"Open, thank you", Dr Mnem instructed and the pod door opened.

Mr Nyang swallowed and felt his baleen plates get wet with the saliva of enthusiasm. The specimen was in prime condition and age, the opaque pinkish skin of its type, dark body hair and short but strong opposable thumbs. It snarled at the white room it was in, and then, seemingly, straight at Mr Nyang.

"Designation: homo sapiens, from the galaxy of the Milky Way as it was colloquially known. Male, as desired", Dr Mnem rattled off smugly.

"Thank you!" Mr Nyang nodded his head several times to emphasize his point. "He is beautiful!"

The human's hands were rigidly held in fists as he stared at Mr Nyang through the window. He exuded a palpable aura of danger and power. He was primal masculinity. Mr Nyang could not have been more thrilled.

"Dr Mnem, you have succeeded beyond my wildest imaginings", he turned to shake hands with the doctor. "I shall take him immediately after quarantine is done and add him to my zoo. I believe the females shall be overjoyed. I estimate at least two of them are at the breeding age and I think I have managed to finally find the right nitrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide balance and the specific design value of gravity, vegetation and food to be able to sustain a family group of humans."

"Thank you", Dr Mnem nodded back, closing and opening his plica semilunaris to clear his eyes. "As always, it is a pleasure to work with a true supporter of our cause, Mr Nyang. Perhaps it is still possible to revive the human race from the extinction they face. They may be primal, but it is our duty to protect and nurture them."

"I could not agree more, thank you", Mr Nyang sighed and eyed his new acquisition. Indeed, it would be a big political and scientific breakthrough to be able to make the humans breed in zoos again, and perhaps, one day, to introduce them back to the wilds.

It was not such a far-fetched dream anymore.


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Aug. 27th, 2009 03:38 pm (UTC)
Har! I loved this. The mood was just right.
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