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Group Eight
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Fic-writing challenge clique.
Group Eight Rules

A fiction challenge is posted every Friday. The challenge-giver is determined by round-robin in the order of malike, bitrot and redbeggar.

Please number the fiction challenge chronologically.

This is not a weekly competition. The point of the challenge is to give an incentive for each other to get some creative writing rolling during the week. Incentive, motivation, feedback and possibly gay elves!

Tagging Your Posts

A challenge post should be tagged with 'challenge'.

Tag fiction with appropriate keywords. The following are suggestions only, but it'd be nice if we didn't generate unnecessary tags.

Literary Genres: 'adventure', 'comedy', 'crime', 'fairytale', 'fantasy', 'horror', 'political', 'romance', 'science fiction', 'steampunk', 'urban', 'war'

Tag fanfic with the title of the book/show.

Writing Resources

Behind the Name
Jungian Archetypes